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Apartma Anabela – Žagarjeva ulica 5, 5220 Tolmin

Apartma Luna in Kanin – Dvor 43 a, Bovec, 5220 Tolmin


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Together, Uroš and Vanja, we started with the simple steps of introduction to tourism with two apartments, one in
Tolmin and one in Bovec. Work and life on the property went on all the time with a few domestic animals and with
bees, which was very interesting for our guests, especially getting to know the life of a bee up close.

This part and the realization that the bee can be our therapist took us further, so that we began to deepen and expand our story. First, our needs were included and later we expanded this into a story and a vision of Apiturism.

We have already raised a large number of bee families, for which a new home will be built in the apiary this winter, where there will be room for the production and processing of bee products, for apitherapy and other activities. Thus, in the future, the door will also be opened for you guests, for those who want to experience a different and original way of spending a break, vacation.

Staying in our apartments and enjoying the additional offer connected with our hardworking bees and observing them will bring real magic. The bee house will not only be a unique experience for summer and spring. Even in the autumn and winter months, when the bees are sleeping, you will be able to conjure up comfort in the massage bath and aromatherapy in the bee house with our therapist on cold evenings.

You can start the day with a healthy breakfast, homemade treats and a fruit smoothie. Nature and full
your stomach will take you to peace and relaxation. Staying with us and enjoying Api treatments will be a suitable place for anyone who wants to be different
of course contact with nature and oneself.

All individuals, couples and also families with children are welcome who want to relax and have great experiences
during pleasant evenings and get-togethers.

Our accommodations

Look at our accommodations.

You will be impressed by the simplicity and at the same time the feeling of comfort.

Apartment Luna Bovec will impress you with its spaciousness and terrace.

Apartment Luna Bovec will impress you with its spaciousness and terrace.